This week, something a little different. Below is a song I wrote back in 2015 called Bethlehem. I’ve pasted the lyrics as well. All I have is an iphone to record my stuff with, so it’s very lo-fi, but I think it fits my music.


it’s amazing how often the doubts reappear
shading every  trivial thought
the questions, the questions, always the questions
there to show you you’re caught

Nineteen years building,  a semblance of meaning
that sways in every light breeze
always changing, always staining
never quite what you really need

life ekes on, regardless of your wants
at dusk the lights always turn on
there is no  other way out
you’ll just have to keep moving on

at dawn the old factories south of the city
pretend to return to life
the ghosts of those who made it all before us
dance in the rust colored light

so sit down with me on the curbside
and we’ll watch as the cars drift by
and we can ponder how the drivers share similar fears
yet keep moving on in their lives.


get me out of here if you can